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A worldwide reference in grain storage solutions

About Us

Silos Córdoba is a leading manufacturer of steel silos for grain storage. In addition to a large selection of grain storage solutions, i.e. flat silos, hopper silos, truck load silos and farm silos; we also manufacture a full line of handling equipment, feed mills, livestock equipment, metal structures and cladding.

Our State-of-the-art manufacturing plant, equipped with the most advanced machinery and equipment, enables us to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers worldwide.

Founded in 1975 by Juan López Lietor, the company is located in Córdoba, a historical city in Andalucia, southern Spain, where the most traditional arts and crafts such as pottery, jewellery, handmade leather goods and guitars coexist with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology.

The scent of the orange blossom, the golden stone of the Mosque, the stern arches of the Roman bridge, the silver-shadowed streets of the ancient quarter and the rich cultural heritage of its people make it possible.

We are committed to customer satisfaction

We look at the specific needs of each client to develop a customized solution.


We have a multidisciplinary team of qualified engineers who are experts on project development.

We have a team of technicians and operators who are experts on facility assembly.



We control the materials and monitor all the stages of the development and assembly processes to ensure quality up until delivery.

Through the use of the most up-to-date technologies, the support of an experienced team and the quality of our materials and processes, our goal is to:


Provide our clients with customized, high quality and cost-efficient solutions


Meet our clients’ demands on time


Innovate in product development

Anywhere in the world.

Our staff can communicate in different languages and know the specific requirements of each country. We have developed a global network that guarantees an excellent service wherever you need it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide grain storage, handling and conditioning solutions by analysing the customers’ needs, offering a solution and implementing a project that meets their requirements.

We must always keep in mind that we are contributing to the grain supply process in order to guarantee the sustainability of the food chain.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a worldwide reference in grain storage solutions.

Our values

This shared set of  values ​​help guide our company’s global actions and behaviour:


Comply with the established agreements and be true to their word.


Promoting the development of each employee’s potential, where each person plays a part but together they pursue and respect a common goal.



Knowledge and recognition of your limitations, errors and weaknesses. React in a positive way when there is a conflict in order to maintain the wellbeing of the group.


Telling the truth and behave in an accountable manner.


To recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities and needs of others and accept common decisions.

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