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Paddy Storage Plant Thailand

Project: CP18

Paddy storage plant with a capacity of 21.300 m3 in the Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand.

Year 2016.

The project includes


Storage plant for paddy rice with a total storage capacity of 21.500 m3 in the Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand. With a density of 0,56 T/m3 and a compaction factor of 5%, the total capacity in tons is 12.630.


Maximum and minimum sensors.


Automatic Temperature Monitoring System


The storage plant has 12 hopper silos model 10,70/15 with 45º cone with an unit capacity of 1.052,52 tons of paddy rice. Matrix silo distribution of 3×4.


Aeration system made up by:

  • Aeration pipes and connections
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Exhaust fan on the roof

Besides, the storage plant includes all necessary catwalks and supports for the loading handling equipment.

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