Silos Córdoba

Expansion of storage plant in Kazakhstan

Project: Tonkeris

Plant conceived for the storage of wheat, barley, rapeseed, flax and sunflower. The total capacity of the plant is 43.882 m3 for the storage of 33.000 T of cereals.

Year 2012-2016.

The project includes

  • 4 silos model 17.57/13 of 4.003 m3 capacity each.
  • 4 silos model 22.92/13 of 6.573 m3 capacity each.
  • 6 hopper silos model 5.35/9 (45º) of 263 m3 capacity each.
  • 4 hopper silos model 7.64/10 (60º) of 659 m3 capacity each.
  • 2 hopper silos model 1.85/2 (60º) for automatic weighing packer.
  • Loading and unloading is done at 100 T/h.
  • The conveying machinery – chain conveyors, belt conveyor, screw conveyors, bucket elevators – has been delivered by Silos Córdoba.
  • Cereal sampling probe (DV company, made in Italy) supplied by Silos Córdoba.
  • Grain analyzer Foss (Denmark).
  • 2 units receiving pit for truck.
  • Cleaning system consist of: rotatory drum cleaner (scalperator) Jubus 100 t/h, grain cleaner Jubus mod. L-JS-16, aspiration and cyclone.
  • 2 units vertical grain dryer machine Cedar model SCM 6-12, 40 t/h,
  • 2 bulk expeditions for train and also a third option for train expedition: 2 lines of packing grain in sacks including industrial automatic weighing packer mod. Ilerfil ANG, and sewing machine Ilersew MPR with Fischbein 100.
  • Electrical panel
  • Elevator tower 8×8, h=30 m.

Engineering and supply of equipment to connect existing flour mill and two outdoor warehouses.

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