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Proyecto llave en mano. Naves para pollos de engorde.

Profitability and efficiency of a broiler chicken farm depends largely on its design.

We evaluate the best solution to make your investment in broiler chicken production profitable and offer turnkey solutions and after-sales service for a perfect operation.

  • Our livestock buildings are made of high quality steel protected by a coating up to 10 times more resistant to environmental corrosion than traditional galvanisation. The construction system is modular and no welding is required.
  • We provide all the necessary equipment to make your poultry investment profitable with excellent conversion rates and higher health standards (e.g. full environmental control systems, silos, conveyors, feeders, drinkers, heating, water treatment, adjustable LED lighting, wiring, etc).
Estructura Nave de pollos de engorde


Given the need of the broiler buildings to be completely open and rectangular in order to achieve maximum brightness and sufficient illumination, we have created a suitable metal structure consisting of metal gantries and supports.

Our broiler facilities are made of high strength galvanised steel S355 protected by an innovative coating. This new Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium coating is up to 10 times more resistant to environmental corrosion than the traditional galvanisation.

Construction system is modular and no welding is required, as all of the components are assembled using high-quality grade 8.8 bolts.

The pillars and trusses consist of double-C frames joined together to form a hollow-chamber frame whose dimensions depend on your requirements.

Cubierta Nave de pollos de engorde


A key element in the building’s structure is the roof, as it can be the cause of heat loss or poor insulation in low temperatures.

The pre-lacquered sheet metal roof’s overlap system ensures that the roof remains watertight. Underneath, it is advisable to place thermal insulation panels, PUR AL type or similar.

PUR AL panels are made of polyurethane foam coated on both sides with a multi-layered complex of kraft and aluminium providing high thermal resistance. From 20 mm to 100 mm thick.

Sandwich panels on the roof ensure watertightness and insulation with one single element. The thickness of the sheet metal and the polyurethane foam can vary depending on the needs of the client.

Cerramiento Nave de pollos de engorde


Together with the roof, the enclosure is another key factor in maintaining the interior temperature of the building and providing appropriate thermal insulation against outside temperatures.

In closed buildings, the facades are fully closed with sandwich panels that provide complete watertightness to ensure a proper control of the building’s interior by means of advanced computer systems.

In open buildings, 60% of the facade is covered with sandwich panels and the remaining 40% is covered with high-strength canvas windows. This percentage may vary depending on the geographical location.

Comemederos Nave de pollos de engorde


Gan 4 and Gan 14 feeding pans are made from highly-resistant injected plastic.

Easy assembly and disassembly system for cleaning the pan.

A flange is incorporated to keep the pan suspended for an easier handling.

Six-position regulator that enables the correct amount of feed to be delivered according to the age of the animal and a sluice gate to close the pan.

The pan is 5 cm high to allow easy access to the chickens from their first days. A 9 cm hopper to ensure that the feed falls evenly.

The pan features fins and lips to prevent the feed from falling onto the chicken’s bedding and being wasted.

A galvanised steel tube, 45 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick, enables pans to be positioned at different distances.  The splicing occurs every 3 or 6 meters with a 1.8 mm sling, which provides it with great robustness.

A galvanised steel end unit with a capacitive sensor and a mechanical limit switch prevents feed blockages and waste.

Estructura bebedero de pollos de engorde


The supply of clean drinking water is essential for the development of the animals. The use of a nipple drinker line is hygienic, reliable and efficient.

The pressure control unit with rinse system provides the drinker line with the optimum pressure to supply the nipples with water.

Regulators with one or two outlets are available, depending on the length of the drinking line.

End of line with swivel aerator, cleaning tap and water level indicator.
The nipples are made of stainless steel and provide a multidirectional high quality flow rate, ensuring an excellent drip-free function.

Ventilación naves de pollos de engorde


We provide all types of ventilation: transverse ventilationtunnel ventilationcombi-tunnel ventilation, etc.

The fans supplied by Gandaria Servicios Ganaderos are designed to ensure the best relationship between flow rate and consumption.

High flow fans (between 19,000 and 48,000 m³/h) feature galvanised steel structures for long duration and shutters with a centrifugal opening system to prevent the entry of air. All fans are fitted with the protective features required by current legislation, such as grills, safety pulleys, etc. and are supplied with energy efficient engines according to regulations.

Low flow fans (6,000 m³ – 12,000 m³) are specially designed for minimum ventilation of buildings to achieve a significant reduction in power consumption. By incorporating this “minimum ventilation”, interior gases can be eliminated at a low cost.

Silos Nave de pollos de engorde


We offer a wide range silos for the storage of your broiler feed and all accessories necessary for their installation and correct operation.

Our silos come in different diameters and heights, and can have central or side outlets.

Areas with a high risk of oxidation are eliminated by using galvanised steel with a zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating. We can also provide silos pre lacquered in green for a better environmental integration.

We use a shallow corrugation steel sheet to prevent the product from sticking to the silo walls.

Refrigeración Nave de pollos de engorde


Gandaria offers a wide range of cooling systems to meet any clients’ needs, including cooling modulescabinshigh and low pressure misting systems, etc.

The cooling systems are controlled by computer systems that ensure the comfort of the animal throughout the fattening period.


CALEFACCIÓN Nave de pollos de engorde


To meet our clients’ needs, we can equip their facilities with gas brooders of up to 12,000 kcal/hpropane gas or diesel jet heatersheat generatorsbiomass boilers, etc.

Instalación eléctrica Nave de pollos de engorde


We adapt to any type of pipe required by the customer or planned in each specific project.

The electrical panels are composed of premium components, incorporating a phase controller to avoid the fans and animal food to run in the opposite direction. All control systems are integrated within the electrical panel, including a synoptic table that allows us to see at a glance, at the entrance of the facility, the perfect operation or any malfunctions.


Tratamiento y control del agua de naves de pollos para engorde


For the treatment and control of water, we incorporate panels with drug dosing and chlorinator systems or acids pump, depending on the requirements.

They all feature a pulse counter, which gives us the exact information on the consumption in order to detect possible incidents.

According to a preliminary analysis of the water, there is an option to install the necessary equipment to implement additional treatments.

control climático naves de pollos para engorde


Our next generation climate control machine offers all the necessary feedback systems (external and internal temperature, humidity, CO2 and ammonia) and performs the functions with fixed or variable curves according to needs.

It features a touch screen and a remote control via computer or mobile phone. Farmers can check the seamless operation of their farm any time, anywhere, or change the parameters if they deem it necessary.

It includes a programmable telephone alarm to inform of any malfunctions that may occur.

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