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Swine equipment

Our Swine equipment


We solve your cleaning problems in the inside of the premises through:

  • The construction of elevated floors adaptable to all animal developmental stages.
  • The offer of a wide range of materials. We offer you grating made from concrete, high-impact polypropylene, or cast iron. All grating designs are adaptable to specifications, type of premises, and animal developmental stages.
  • An extensive variety of accessories in various synthetic and metallic materials as well as grating cross sections support to anchor the hoppers to the grating are available.

We achieve excellent results and considerable savings in hand cleaning costs.

Drinking troughs

We solve your animal water provision needs with:

  • The necessary material so that livestock has water available all the time. We do it in a simple way avoiding stress to the animal.
  • We utilise drinking troughs in casings for recently born suckling as well as weaning. Their manufacturing combines plastic materials (PVC) as well as metallic (brass).
  • We offer drinking troughs in casing for birthing periods as well as fattening stages.
  • We offer stainless steel and aluminium manufactured drinking troughs in spray and duckbill varieties adaptable to any kind of feeder or hopper.
  • Valves that regulate the water level manufactured in brass and stainless steel are completely automated
  • Optimal water distribution for the animal.


We solve your solid feed dispensing problems in a fast and simple manner via:

  • Systems that allow for perfect interior visibility.
  • Quick feed regulation systems.
  • Hatch systems with opening, closing, and medication settings.
  • We feature an extensive variety of models with the intention that the animals receive an ideal quantity of feed in order to develop optimally.

Feeders and Hoppers

We solve your animal feeding system problems by offering:

  • A wide variety of feeding plates and hoppers manufactured with metallic material (galvanised stainless steel) and synthetic material (polypropylene) that include everything from suckling feeders during the birthing stage as well as fattening anchors.
  • Quality materials which have been demonstrated scientifically.

Excellent conversion index thanks to significant savings in feed.


We solve your animal distribution problems in the interior premises through:

  • Custom-made PVC barriers which have a wide variety of lengths and space possibilities.
  • Appropriately fitted concrete dividers for birthing and feeding in lots.
  • Divider systems with galvanised steel tube barriers with a wide variety of measurements are all available.

Animal distribution is efficient and profitable.


We solve your animal management problems by caring for their physiological state via:

  • Cages designed for pigs in gestation or giving birth.
  • An extensive range of models manufactured with strong and durable galvanised steel tubes which feature anchoring for feeders and to affix the cages to ground.

They provide optimal animal handling during gestation and birth stages.

Liquid feeding systems for pigs

Technological advances and an increasing Information Technology (IT) immersion within agriculture has allowed us to develop totally automated liquid feeding systems for pigs.

Gandaria, an expert in design and full assembly of livestock facilities, is committed to the development of the most advanced facilities. In line with this commitment, we provide a department specialised in the creation of liquid feeding systems, facilitating the application of feeding programs adapted to the nutritional needs of your livestock.



Substitutes some water for an increased appetite.


Improves animal health. There is a lower percentage of sickness and greater herd uniformity.


Allows for the preparation of different intake recipes amongst uniform and mixed groups of pigs depending on intended energy intake.


Manages aspects of feeding via computerised management.



Facilitates raw materials stock analysis in order to study costs.


In addition, it requires little mechanical maintenance, with the possibility of pumping long distances.



Creates the conditions for a larger pig development and offers a better transformation index.


Improves the canal flow quality.


Allows to take advantage of feed industry sub-products.


Distribution is automated and consists of feeding sequence programming at specified times of the day and allows for variability on different days of the week. A sequence can be composed of food and drink intake recipes.


Simplicity of transportation: as it is energy in liquid form, it influences energy savings.


The design is simple, easy to upkeep, and has a low breakage rate, guaranteeing the system a long life.

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