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Advanced system for the control of industrial food processes

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Main features

WinMill is an advanced system for the control of industrial food processes that allows the control of feed mill plants and their total traceability.

The system is 100% integrated with the specifications of a feed mill, from the receipt of grain, through its weight control, grinding and mixing, to its discharge and dispatch.

WinMill is integrated in a unique platform, carrying the monitoring of the plant and traceability directly from the PLC, without going through intermediate programs, which means complete control of the process and product quality.

It is a multi-user system where all the parameters of machinery and recipes are configurable, allowing to process and analyze the data to determine the most profitable actions to take.

It includes a basic package and the possibility of expanding the capabilities of traceability and monitoring based on customer requirements.

Cuerpo Motor TBC

Factory control

The control of the factory is very intuitive and connects every step of the supply chain.

Together with manual function, it is worth noting the automatic function, which is in charge of autonomously monitoring the process in real time, without the need to manually control each of the machines involved in the process.

Different screens display features such as machine configuration, remote factory supervision, recipe management and precise traceability control, among others.

Cuerpo Tensor TBC

Traceability Management

Traceability management ensures product delivery and quality.

Having general and detailed traceability information allows us to understand the product development process, from the receipt of raw material to the shipment of the manufactured product to customers, through all the intermediate phases. Absolute and precise control of the material stock, as well as the product batch number in each manufacturing process.

Cuerpo Intermedio TBC

Traceability reports

Traceability reports allow detailed planning of manufacture, receipts and shipments.

The control by date of the manufacture, receipts and shipments is carried out quickly and intuitively, with the option of consulting or printing of required reports to find and follow the trail of the finished feed (production, transformation and distribution).

Flexibility when expanding or modifying reports according to regulations, in order for producers to increase safety.

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Control of electrical supply

The control of the main electrical supply of the plant ensures the highest quality of the grain with the minimum energy consumption.

Very useful to bring an energy supply optimisation of the main machines, such as the mill. By knowing the electrical supply we can establish margins for the proper functioning of the engines, allowing us to vary their consumption depending on the needs of the grain.

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