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Advanced Information Management System

 WinGrain Sistema avanzado para la gestión de la información

Main Features

WinGrain is an advanced information management system that allows the control of grain storage and conditioning plants.

The system is 100% integrated with the specifications of our machinery line, that covers the whole process: from grain reception to conditioning and unloading.

WinGrain features a user-friendly and carefully designed interface so that it may be used by employees quickly and easily all while offering all the necessary information for proper plant management.

It is a multi-language, multi-user system where all the parameters may be configured for proper adaptation to any needs that may arise. Likewise, the system makes it possible to define a time-based control in the facility to prevent possible improper use.

It includes a basic package and there’s a possibility to expand the system capacities with several optional modules: Local Control, Electric Magnitude Control, Continuous Storage Level and SIWA.

El paquete básico ofrece una monitorización completa de la instalación

Basic Package

The basic package offers a complete monitoring system for the facility.

This means knowing at all times the necessary information for proper management of the facility, which allows for the fine tuning of the system during commissioning, a proper maintenance and the prevention of errors without stopping the machine.

The basic package also includes an alarm window where a color-coded log can be checked with all of the alarms and warnings that have gone off for the system.

El módulo Control Local es de gran utilidad en grandes instalaciones (WinGrain)

Local Control

The Local Control module is useful in large facilities.

Along with the three types of operation: automatic, manual or semi-automatic, there is a fourth mode (Local) which is very useful for large facilities where the control system is very far from the plant or for maintenance work.

El módulo permite llevar un control de las principales magnitudes eléctricas de la instalación. WinGrain

Electric Magnitude Control

The main electric magnitudes for the facility can be controlled with this module.

It is very useful for the optimization of energy savings as well as for the secure supply of energy. A warning is shown if the power received exceeds the margins established for proper motor operation and the system will even be stopped if these figures reach certain levels.

El módulo permite tener una estimación de la cantidad de producto almacenado. WinGrain

Continuous Storage Level

The module allows for an estimate of the amount of stored product.

The general control screen shows the grain level inside the silos in real time.

It is very useful for knowing the quantity of grain (estimated tons) at the facility.


El módulo SIWA sirve para poder monitorizar la planta desde una App.


The SIWA module is used to monitor the plant from an App.

An additional SIWA Module, necessary for exchanging data with the SIWA monitoring system.

Along with this module, the facility must have a permanent Internet connection.


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