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TSB Sweep auger

TBC Transportador de Banda Cerrado

Main Features

TSB Industrial sweep auger developed by Silos Córdoba.

It has been designed for the efficient discharge of flat bottom silos without damaging the grain while allowing daily use throughout the year.

Its construction using S350GD galvanized steel sheet with Z-600 metal coating make the sweep auger more solid and robust, allowing it to operate efficiently with a wide range of grains, seeds, legumes and pellets.

It complies with ATEX regulations.

Cuerpo Motor TBC

Head Section

The electric motor is mounted on the vertical rotation axis and transmits the movement to the endless thread.

This eliminates the need for a traditional transmission system such as chains or belts, while reducing wear, heat sources and possible sparks. The engine and the right angle gearbox are protected by a housing.

Cuerpo Tensor TBC

Intermediate sections

The shape of the intermediate sections minimises the weight of the grain left over after gravity unloading, facilitating the machine start-up.

Moreover, these sections have windows to regulate the flow and are reinforced with stiffeners to strengthen them against torsional stress.

Cuerpo Intermedio TBC

Tail Section

The tail section wheel moves using the excess torque that feeds the auger.

Technical Features

* Data shown are theoretical and may vary depending on the material and the drive system selected.




* The dimensions specified are subject to change without prior notice.

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