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TRC Screw Conveyor

TBC Transportador de Banda Cerrado

Main features

TRC Screw conveyor developed by Silos Córdoba.

It has been designed to fulfill your expectations in terms of durability and economy of operation.

Capacity. Our screw conveyors are tailor-made to assure the required capacity for your products. For the calculation it has been selected a 45% filling rate, avoiding high values that overestimate the capacity.

  • Reliability. Simple design and high quality components, as well as a low revolution functioning, guarantee the high level of reliability of our equipment.
  • Safety. Full covered and maintenance free intermediate bearing supports assure high levels of safety. The shaft-mounted gear motors avoid material getting trapped in usual operations with chains and belts. Other safety measures accomplishing specific regulations are possible.
  • Flexibility. The modular design allows different capacities and facilitates the adaptation to future requirements.
  • Finish. The excellent galvanization of the sheet (600 gr/m2) assures a maximum degree of atmospheric resistance. The option of special painting finish is also available.
  • Suitability. Not all products and facilities are the same, that is why we adapt our machinery to the customer needs.
Cuerpo Motor TBC


Standard equipment

  • Anti-sway supports: one every 3m
  • Bronze-plumb bushing
  • Maximum screw length sections 3m
  • Motorized gearbox with parallel axles
  • Discharge outlet in the head
  • Loading point in the tail
  • Removable cover for inspection


Optional equipment

  • Gradual screw pitch
  • Semi-heavy- or heavy-duty screw as required
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Head bearing temperature sensor
  • Rotation sensor
  • Intermediate discharge at any point of the conveyor using slide gates
  • Various loading points
  • Reversible screw

Technical features

Agricultural Screw Conveyors

Industrial Screw Conveyors

*The specified values have been established using a material with a of density 0.75 T/m3 as a reference

*The slope can significantly reduce the stated flow depending on the characteristics of the product.

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