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CDH Heavy Duty Discharge Gate

 CDH Compuerta de Descarga Heavy

Main Features

The CDH Heavy Duty Discharge Gate developed by Silos Córdoba has been specially designed

to provide a continuous operation throughout the year. Made of S350GD galvanized steel sheet with Z-600 metal coating, the new discharge gate can operate efficiently with a wide range of grains, seeds, legumes and pellets.

The new range of CDH discharge gates has been specially designed for the TCH Heavy Duty Grain Conveyors.

The new design concept of the discharge gates has many advantages such as quick attachment to carrier, 100% removal of waste accumulated in the traditional gates, and the cleaning brush that ensures the collection of material from the bottom and moves it to the top of the band.

Fijación de la compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh



The tab fixing system allows for a quick and easy assembly.

Given the position of the parts, the side space occupied is minimal.

Si acumulación de residuos en la compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh



Because of the design, there are no leaks.

The trap door opening acts like the conveyor floor to guarantee 0% residue accumulation.

Protección en la compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh


All mechanical parts are protected

from dirt and bad weather which extends the life of the system and guarantees proper operation.

Apertura y cierre en compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh


Operated by sensors

An open and close control system with inductive sensors.

Apertura de seguridad en compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh



There is a safety opening system in case the trap door gets stuck which guarantees the machine will open.

Protección antidesgaste en compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh

Anti-wear protection

The surface in contact with grains is protected with HDPE material.

The trap door and the entire surface that is in contact with the conveyor roller is protected with HDPE anti-wear material which is fully replaceable upon deterioration.

Limpieza en compuerta de descarga heavy - cdh


Cleaning Brush

With the installation of the cleaning brush we prevent that any residual material remaining above the chain goes forward once the gate is opened.

Technical featured

* Specified values have been determined taking a 750 kg/m3 material as reference. Data shown are theoretical and may vary depending on the material and the drive unit.

* The dimensions specified are subject to change without prior notice.

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