Silos Córdoba

TBI Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyor

TBC Transportador de Banda Cerrado

Main Features

Heavy-duty Belt Conveyor developed by Silos Córdoba.

It has been engineered to withstand the most demanding environments in the grain handling and transportation.

With this new model of conveyor, we go one step further in developing the range of heavy duty machinery, essential to meet the needs of customers with installations that handle large amounts of cereal 24 hours a day.

Different equipment and configurations allow to give the most appropriate solution to each client:

  • Mobile tripper for intermediate unloading.
  • Reversible belt.
Cuerpo Motor TBC

Head Section

Robust and clean finishes and a simple design are the main features of the TBI heads.

The swing inspection gate facilitates the cleaning and maintenance tasks inside the head section. The belt cleaning system is installed in this section.

Cuerpo Tensor TBC

Intermediate Tensioning Section

The intermediate tensioning section of the conveyor is equipped with a drum system that allows correct belt tensioning.

The intermediate tensioning section is necessary for reversible or very long belts.

Cuerpo Intermedio TBC

Intermediate Section

The simple and modular design of the intermediate section allows an optimal configuration of the belt conveyor.

The configuration of the rollers is the most adequate according to the production of each conveyor model. Hoods to protect the material from inclement weather are also available.

Tolvas de Entrada y Salida TBC

Tensioning section

The tensioning section features a simple and efficient tensioning system.

The tensioning body, designed with a squirrel cage pulley, allows for greater cleaning of the belt.

Technical Features

* Specified values have been determined taking a 750 kg/m3 material as reference. Data shown are theoretical and may vary depending on the material and the drive system selected.

* The dimensions specified are subject to change without prior notice.

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