José Cabrera, Director of Silos Córdoba’s R&D Department, explains what technology is behind grain storage, in the programme about agriculture and livestock of the COPE Córdoba radio.

José Cabrera tells that the origin of the company was the manufacturing of grain storage tanks, but over time, the company has evolved towards a more comprehensive approach, focusing on grain management, treatment and conditioning, beyond the simple grain storage.

“While the silo itself has changed little over the years, what has changed a lot is the environment. Some time ago, the interest was simply in storing the grain, while nowadays, professionals seek something much deeper, such as the conditioning, treatment, management or traceability of the product stored in the silo. In fact, the product stored is worth much more than the silo itself, that is why these facilities have such a huge value.”

Silos Córdoba created the R&D Department 5 years ago to give a different approach to the business and explore new business lines, more focused on grain management, treatment and conditioning. As José Cabrera explains:

“Around the silo there are other issues, such as the conveying machinery used to load and unload the silos. We have an important focus of development in that field, but perhaps the most interesting one is in the digitization of services, to offer clients something more than pure storage capacity, but also telling them how their installation is doing, what is inside, at what level, the humidity and protection against pests. This is the field where we are focusing our product development nowadays. “

In addition to silo loading and unloading, there are other issues such as grain conditioning, including processes such as cleaning or drying before storage for future conservation. “All these processes have a high importance for the future conservation of grain. We are also involved in those processes nowadays.”

One of the products recently developed by the R&D team is SIWA, already on the market, focuses on having all information about what’s happening in the facility in one’s pocket, through a mobile phone or Tablet.

José also explains that they are now starting with more ambitious developments, ranging from traceability issues to the management of the plant itself.

“There is a lot of technology behind grain storage. We have to take into account that this process is part of the basic diet of the entire planet. As a result of the increase in world population, there is also a growth in grain storage needs. That is why we consider it will be a more relevant sector in the coming years, but not in Spain, where the needs are already well covered, but in other countries.”

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