Juan López, General Director of Silos Córdoba, explains on radio COPE what the group of companies is dedicated to and what they offer to their customers.

To put our listeners in situation, what does Silos Córdoba do?

Silos Córdoba is a group of companies, each focusing on an area of ​​agricultural or livestock infrastructure. The main company, Silos Córdoba, makes agro-industrial facilities for cereal conservation and storage: from harvest to grain cleaning, drying and storage.

Gandaria, another of the group of companies, makes livestock facilities and automation: turn-key farms for chickens, turkeys and pigs.

MGN, the other company of the group, builds feed mills (not the feed itself, but the factories that produce feed).

What do you offer to your customers? How do you facilitate their day to day needs? How do you make life easier for them?

Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers from an idea they have in mind, by making the complete project for them and the design of the facility that best meets their needs.

In short, you offer integral solutions, not only storage.

Exactly, we offer turn-key solutions in the field of storage as well as in the field of farms, farm automation or feed mills.

In addition, for a company from Córdoba, you are present in many countries.

We work in about 45 countries, in some we have our own commercial network and in others we work with partners.

And in terms of certifications?

We comply with ISO 9001 standards, welding standard Level 3, which is the maximum level. We also have certifications from specific countries, such as Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan, which have their own regulations; as well as other types of safety regulations, CE marking and anything required for our machines.

Of all your products, what is your primary product?

Each of our companies has its own primary product. At Silos Córdoba, even if we offer an integral solution, our primary product is the silo, hence our name. At Gandaria, I believe that the primary product in recent years is the turn-key chicken farm. And at MGN, our primary product is the feed mill.

Speaking of silos, I imagine everything comes from long ago, but has there been much evolution?

Yes, the Spanish market has undergone a great evolution, it is a saturated market like the rest of the European Community countries, except the latest to enter like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic or Romania. Technology has also undergone a great evolution and it is precisely in this field that we have made a major investment in recent years, particularly in monitoring and automation of storage plants, as well as communications and data management, which has come a long way.

What does the future hold? Whether in the field of storage, material handling or even livestock equipment.

We believe that we are heading towards the management or integration of these facilities through plant monitoring and an efficient management of the data. In other words, the digitalisation of the business.

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