According to a recent Agraex press release, the export figures for the month of September confirm the good health of the Spanish manufacturers of agricultural machinery and livestock equipment.

“It is now 6 and a half months since the state of alarm stopped us in our tracks, closing down our companies and our mobility. 199 days without being able to travel or attend to our customers in person and, even so, we have been able to increase last year sales figures. As of 30 September 2020, Spanish export sales from the agricultural sector had reached 1,921,298,468.05 euros across the 5 continents. That is, a 1.16% increase over last year.

It might not seem much, but who would have expected good results with all the events that have taken place in those 6 and a half months? Fortunately, the work well done over the last 30 years has borne fruit and our manufacturers have been able to keep their customers”.

It is worth highlighting the good performance of Europe, that grows a 3.57% reaching 1,061 million euros, confirming the importance of neighbouring or nearby countries, especially in times of crisis. Slightly more than 55% of our sales abroad go to the old continent. France accounts for 25% of our sales in Europe. As of September, they have increased their imports by 10.52%. Italy is also performing well, with double-digit growth and purchases above 110 millions. On the other hand, Portugal and Germany are behaving more erratically with modest increases of 1%. 177 million are sold in Portugal and just over 80 million to Germany. In any case, these are great figures and we are infinitely grateful to our EU colleagues.

Outside Europe, Turkey went through a bad 2019, but now activity is returning to the fields and their imports are up by almost 20%. 2020 is not going to be the year of Spanish exports to Africa. With the year almost over, figures are still negative. Another continent where we are not getting good export results is Latin America, in spite of the positive figures of Mexico (with an approx. 6% increase).

Good performance of the North American market with a 30% increase versus 2019, that exceeded 75 million dollars.

In Asia, after a 13% decline in 2019, we expect to increase slightly by the end of 2020 to reach about 120 million euros in exports.

In any case, the lack of face-to-face international fairs and trade missions is noticeable. The physical presence and networking generate trust with the importer and is crucial to close businesses.

Source: Agraex

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