If exporting is a key that shows the positioning of companies with more strength or the ones that have managed to diversify to respond to fluctuations in their domestic markets, one of the most representative examples of the province is Silos Cordoba, founded in 1975 by Juan Lopez Lietor. The company is already present in more than thirty countries, with expected revenues around 47 million euros in 2014. As recognized by Juan Lopez, CEO of the company, exporting is of key importance in the growth of Silos Cordoba, representing over 80% of sales, after it started its international breakthrough in Chile and Morocco 20 years ago. “Today we are in over thirty countries. Currently we have begun to build a factory in Brazil to do some production processes for the Brazilian market, which is one of the leading grain producers and is very much in need of storage capacity, “he says.

In recent years, Silos Cordoba has enhanced its R&D+i in response to customer demand, but also to offer new services. In this sense, Juan Lopez states that this department is now in a separate building to boost research – it had been integrated in the technical department until 2 years ago -. “We are developing new projects such as a grain conveying machine, a project of seamed structures and another of grain industry monitoring,” explains Silos Cordoba’s CEO, which recognizes that innovation and research have an increasing role in the company. Indeed, the firm is currently building new facilities in the technology park, where they expect to be moving in 2015 and they’ll be investing 8 million euros.

Silos Cordoba focuses on the manufacturing of grain storage silos, but also designs and builds industrial and livestock facilities, conveying machinery, engineering and metal processing. It currently employs 85, although the group has 110 employees.

The company expects to end the year with a turnover of 47 million. They expect to be moving to Technlogy Park Rabanales 21 in May 2015.

The IDEA Agency will provide 2.6 million for the new facilities in the technology park.

Source: Diario Cordoba

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