Leading silo manufacturer Silos Córdoba reduces by 30% the time of assembly and weight in construction of silos.

Silos Córdoba, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of smart grain handling and storage systems, has managed to reduce, by 30 percent, the time it takes to assemble the structure of a silo and to reduce the weight of materials.

The Scientific Technological Park of Cordoba Rabanales 21, which has hosted the assembly of the prototype, has explained that the prototype is part of the project they are working on, to be sold in Asia.

The characteristics of this silo, of which 60 units will be installed in the Asian continent, correspond to a medium size unit, with a diameter of 23 meters and more than 20 meters high.

It has a dome structure and is made of steel sheet, with a galvanised coating. All its parts are bolted, except for a single fragment that requires welding.

“Our goal is to optimise the design, incorporating appropriate innovations aimed at reducing the weight and facilitating easy assembly,” said Jose Cabrera, director of Organisation and Development at Silos Córdoba.

In fact, the changes introduced in the design have reduced the assembly time by 30 percent and the weight of the materials, which favours export logistics.

Since the expected demand for storage is growing along with the world’s population, Silos Córdoba is already building silos up to 42 meters in diameter with a storage capacity of 45,000 cubic meters.

Moreover, they have been developing heavy-duty machinery to load these large silos in ports, explains Cabrera.

With more than 40 years of experience and an active International presence in more than 45 countries, Silos Córdoba has achieved record figures installing more than 20,000 silos and 1,000 turn-key installations worldwide.

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