The report was made for the TV program “Connect with the Market”, which explores the challenges and opportunities of Spanish companies abroad. On this occasion, it was made in South Korea, where they also visited an installation of Silos Córdoba.

Today, South Korea is the twelfth economy in the world, a technological and industrial powerhouse and headquarters of numerous multinationals. The country continues to grow at an annual rate of 3%, an economic miracle that has gone from the third world to the first in just 2 decades.

To learn about the Korean miracle, the team of “Connect with the market” has traveled to Seoul to interview Antonio Estévez, Economic Adviser of the Spanish Embassy in the Korean capital, with whom they have visited some of the Spanish companies already there. Among them, they visited an installation of Silos Córdoba, a company that has recently entered the Korean market. Jesús Alvarez, Sales Director for Asia at Silos Córdoba, explains what they do and how they got there.

What does Silos Córdoba do?

Silos Córdoba designs, manufactures and installs grain storage facilities and right here we have 3 silos, each with a capacity of 500 tons of rice.

Do you manufacture silos with materials that you bring from Spain?

We manufacture everything in Spain, in Córdoba, and export it to the country of destination. Once there, we send a supervisor to make sure that the assembly is done correctly.

How have you arrived here from Córdoba, 200 km. away from Seoul?

In this case, thanks to the ICEX. We were offered a Korean consultant cooperating with the ICEX, who proposed we spend a week in the country and we visited several companies there. We got along with one of these companies and that enabled us to build this facility.

You are present in many countries, what would you say to other companies in your sector or your size?

The most important thing is to want it and be patient, because in this industry, projects need time to mature before getting results. Above all, if you have a good product, you’ll get results sooner or later.

According to Antonio Estévez,

Internationalisation is no longer an alternative, it is now an obligation, a necessity for the company.

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