Juan Lopez Lietor, founder of the company in the 70s, could not imagine that Silos Cordoba would bring a whole lot of specific products designed to meet the grain storage needs all over the world.

From local business to being present in 45 international markets, turnover multiplied by 45 in 20 years and staff increased to one hundred people. Silos Cordoba was born in 1975 to facilitate grain storage in the domestic livestock industry and now bears its hallmark to its new headquarters. The main architectural element of the company changes into a silo in its new building at Science and Technology Park Rabanales 21.

The company -that offers customized solutions for grain storage and livestock equipment- went from attending the local market to being present in several countries since the mid-90s with dozens of commercial offices. It was awarded with the prize ‘Cordobeses of the Year’ for its business development, that adds up to the ‘Wings Award’ from Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda) in the category of internationalization. The company conducts all phases of development, manufacture and assembly of silos, if required by the customer. And if not, it makes it easier by explaining it in detail “How to design a silo plant’.

Juan Lopez Lietor, founder of this little company in the 70s, could not imagine the success that Silos Cordoba would achieve with work, innovation and competitiveness. Now it’s his son, Juan Lopez Regalon, current CEO, who takes over the business, by using the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies.

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