Located in the port of Montevideo, the grain terminal will be used to export grain and wood chips to China.

Montevideo’s bulk terminal, which specializes in handling and storing non-containerized bulk cargo grain and wood chips, is located in the Uruguayan’s capital city port. It has been built by the Spanish company Silos Córdoba, thanks to Sercobe. Sercobe is the national association of capital goods manufacturers. They are the industry leaders of exports in Uruguay.

The work, assigned to local company Obrinel will be in operation this month, after 18 months of construction. It is the largest bulk terminal of its kind in Uruguay. Spanish company Silos Córdoba has been commissioned to provide twelve large grain and chip storage silos as well as handling systems along with assembly and commissioning. The investment has been approximately 80 million euros.

The grain terminal has been built on nine hectares of land reclaimed from the sea in the harbor bay. It has an initial capacity of 120,000 tons (12 silos) and an operating capacity of two million tons per year. They expect to be expanding the storage capacity in 2016, to achieve a final capacity of 200,000 tons with eight additional silos and a link to the existing railway network in the vicinity, according to Sercobe sources.

The harbour has been designed and dredged to a depth of thirteen meters for loading Panamax and post-Panamax ships 250 meters long and 80,000 tons. This harbour in Montevideo is the best because of its location and it is convenient for grain ships in the region.

Thus, grain and wood chips will come from across the country directly to Montevideo and may be charged for shipping, without river barge transport. From here they will go to China, said Rafael Alvarez de Toledo, Sercobe’s director of ​​the South American area.

Source: ABC

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