Storing soybean and soybean meal leads to specific storage problems. That is why we need to know more about them.

For example, the structure of the bean impacts its handling and:

  • Handling involves conveying and transporting from the farm to end-user. During this phase there are many different movements from harvest to the production into oil and meal.
  • The estructure of a soybean seed makes it susceptible to splitting and breakage during mechanical handling. The extent of breakage in soybeans during conveying varies with the impact force imposed on each individual seed. The least breakage occurs when soybeans are conveyed in a bucket elevator as compared to other conveying methods. The storability of soybeans is affected by the degree of damage to the seed coat and by other factors such as mold or insect attack. It is therefore important to inspect soybeans and other forms of damage prior to storage.

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By Pablo Fernández, Southeast Asia Area Manager Silos Córdoba at Grain & Feed

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