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Andalusian technology for grain silos management

Silos Córdoba develops a program to control grain facilities from a smartphone. Andalusian company Silos Córdoba brings new technologies to the traditional sector of grains. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of grain silos and storage...

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Cutting edge technology from Spain in Uruguay

Silos Córdoba supplied to Montevideo’s port the silos and grain conveyors for the biggest civil works built in the country. The company Silos Cordoba has participated in the construction of Montevideo Bulk Terminal (TGM) providing the storage tanks and conveyors worth...

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Silos Córdoba sets foot in the Argentinean grain

"If everything is on time, the infrastructure will be operating next week", said Rafael Alvarez de Toledo, Sercobe’s director of the South American area. Sercobe is the national association of capital goods manufacturers. Rafael is content that they are nearing the...

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