Companies Mayoral, Silos Córdoba, And & Or Fashion and AGF are the winners of the Alas Awards 2013 to the Internationalization of the Andalusian Company. The awards are organized since 2001 by Extenda, the Andalusian responsible for promoting the internationalization of business and the economy of the region. The four categories of the awards’s eleventh edition were: “International Business Develpment” that went to Mayoral from Málaga; Implementation Abroad, that went to Silos Córdoba; “Exporting Company” to And & Or and “Introduction to Export” to AGF Fashion group from Almeria.

The four companies have won these awards after a complete process that started last September with 146 candidates – the highest participation ever. The winners of the categories of Initiation to Export, Implementation Abroad and Exporting Company were chosen by the main jury out of 23 previously selected companies by the eight provincial juries. The winner of International Business Development was chosen by the main jury alone, which, apart from Andausian Council, is composed by the CEA, the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, the ICEX, a media group and two highly regarded companies.

Implementation Abroad

The category implementation Abroad recognizes the work of companies that, in developing their internationalization process, have made investments abroad or established partnerships with foreign companies to operate in another country. Silos Córdoba, born 40 years ago as a manufacturer of storage silos for livestock, is now a company dedicated to the design and construction of industrial and livestock facilities; conveying machinery; engineering and metal processing.

The company billed more than 46 million Euros in 2012, more than 82% from foreign markets, and employs 60 people. It has been a leader in the European market between 2005 and 2011 and has offices in Argentina and Kazakhstan, with subsidiaries in Romania and Turkey. It also has a network of distributors in 17 countries to attend over 45 markets.

In its international expansion, Silos Córdoba has used the services of Extenda on 37 occasions. From attending workshops to support implementation in Romania and Turkey, through attendance of international trade shows, trade missions, development of individual projects in different countries, the international development agenda, etc.

Source: Europapress

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