The compact adiabatic refrigeration unit HUMER COMPAK HPK-8 is entirely built in non-ferrous stainless steel AISI 310, which guarantees long durability and resistance to corrosion.

  • It is mounted with 8 honeycomb cellulose panels 100 and 150 mm thick, with a wetting surface between 4.32 and 8.64 m2.
  • Manufactured in 3 different heights, 110, 160 and 200 mm, which allow an easy adaptation to work.
  • Water distribution system in PVC pipe with regulation system every 4 panels, with built-in pump and balanced distribution panel by panel.

Advantages of the HUMER COMPAK HPK-8 refrigeration unit:

  • It is specially recommended for tunnel-type installations, given that the use of individual pumps facilitates maintenance and guarantees the continuity of the installation.
  • Easily exchangeable panels, mounted individually, allowing an easy and comfortable anchoring to the wall.
  • High saturation efficiency (95%) in stable climatic conditions.

Product featured in Avinews.

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