Vicente Peñas, Manager of Gandaria, explains to Agrocope radio what his company does.

What does Gandaria do?

Gandaria is the livestock division of the Silos Córdoba group and focuses, according to its name, on livestock facilities in general and more particularly on swine facilities, but recently, one of our main business lines is the manufacture and installation of turn-key poultry facilities. 

 I imagine there is a lot of effort to assess and advise clients on how to do things.

Effectively, advising and managing the client’s project is precisely the mission of Gandaria, while offering a good after-sales service so that clients can have a profitable efficiency from its livestock farming.

Depending on the type of farm I imagine a variety of materials are needed.

Indeed, for example in a turnkey poultry project we do everything (from construction, electricity, plumbing), which entails an important organisation and a very well designed structure. However, in a pig project there is much more work on the interior equipment and not so much on the structure of the facility. For example, in the field of farm silos or water tanks, which we assemble lots every day, they require a minimum installation of 3, 4 or 5 hours.

Where does Gandaria serve? I imagine not only the Spanish territory.

Gandaria is present in the whole Spanish territory and has already exported to 24 countries around the world.

How did you do in 2017?

We did excessively well, with a huge increase of over 40% in sales, and that leads to some organisational problems. Right now we are incorporating people, vehicles and ways to undertake more works in 2018, which we started with 12 sub-contracted livestock facilities and several important projects abroad.

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