The company complies with the IFS Food Standard, “a step forward” in food safety and the quality of processes and products.

Dcoop, one of Spain’s largest food cooperatives, receives almonds from its associates for storage in their warehouses, with a capacity for 18,000 tons of shell almonds.

In this installation, “with a splitting capacity of 3,500 kilos of almonds per hour”, the almonds are processed “including cleaning, splitting, sorting, grading and final packaging in BIG BAGs”, explains Dcoop in the press release.

Moreover, the facility has a 2,250 m2 cold storage area for the conservation of the almond kernel. In this way, underlines the agrifood giant, “it fulfills its objective of enhancing the agricultural production of its members through industrial transformation”.

silo para almendra

Silos for the storage of clean almonds developed by Silos Cordoba.

Source: ABC Andalucia

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