Córdoba’s Science and Technology Park has enabled a prototype area for companies that require a space outside their facilities to test the projects they are working on.

As reported by the park spokesman, the Silos Córdoba group is the first company already using this service. The firm has now three prototypes in this area, each one for a different business project. “This is a new service we offer to companies requiring a space to carry out their research and innovation projects,” explained the general director of ‘Rabanales 21’, Juan Ramón Cuadros. In addition, he said that this area “seeks to facilitate and foster business technological development and improve the competitiveness of Cordovan companies”, since “this option is open to all companies, whether located in the Science Park or not”.

One of Silos Córdoba’s prototypes is an affordable, fast-building, industrialised social house that “could provide an interesting solution to the social housing sector, destined to developing countries”. No water is used in the building process, low-cost structure and assembly.

Another Silos Córdoba prototype in the ‘Rabanales 21’ test area is a very light structure for the complete construction of livestock facilities for chicken breeding. It is an easy to assemble product, integrating all parts in the production site, to reduce assembly costs and time. Moreover, the final product is finished with a high performance galvanised coating. The facilities are equipped with the latest advances in the market and incorporate the most efficient technologies for the processes carried out in a chicken breeding farm.

Meanwhile, the third project under study by the Silos Córdoba’s R&D team, in the experimental area, is a silo for grain storage and a chain conveyor for seeds.

Two more projects from companies located in the Science and Technology Park are expected in the 11,000 square meters prototype area soon.

Sources: Diario CórdobaABCLa Voz de Córdoba20 minutosEl Día de Córdoba

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