DIARIO CORDOBA recognizes the work of individuals and organizations from Cordoba that have stand out over the past 2013 with the “Cordovan of the Year” award.

In the Business section, the distinctions lie in the Faasa Group; Rafael Carrillo, owner of the restaurant El Churrasco; and Silos Córdoba.

The company Silos Córdoba is the example of a successful family business. It was founded by Juan López in 1975, originally focused on livestock equipment, and currently is in the second generation and also dedicated to storage facilities and grain storage, conveying machinery and metal coatings.

Equipo directivo Silos Cordoba

The CEO of the company, Juan Lopez, is the son of the founder and states that in 2014 will be two decades of exporting. “This has been the key to growth” he explains, since their products are most demanded in developing areas, where agricultural infrastructure is needed. Currently working in an average of 34 countries around the world (their website offers information in seven foreign languages), and despite the economic crisis gripping the country, its CEO states that “we have grown almost every year. ”

In 2013 they reached a turnover of 46 million euros and this year they expect to increase their business about 8%. Silos Córdoba is based in the industrial area of ​​Las Quemadas and the group has about 108 workers. Juan Lopez explains that recognition as Cordovan of the Year, awarded by Diario CORDOBA, “caught me a bit by surprise, because I did not know how was the procedure. Then, they explained to me that the participants were proposed by the newspaper and a jury. He says that this distinction is “an honor” for the company, while “for the staff working at Silos Córdoba, awards are motivating, because many times daily work is not all joy.”

This recognition is added to that granted by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job of the Andalusian Board, which earlier this year presented the “Alas Award to the internationalization”, in the category “Implementation Abroad”.

Furthermore, the department of research, development and innovation of the group presented last January its first series of machines designed in the Technology Park Rabanales 21. The project unveiled is a chain conveyor to transfer the grain in industrial storage facilities, offering a more efficient solution than previous models.

Source: Diario Cordoba

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