We have recently visited the new facilities of Ramón Abril in Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz, Spain.

The new facility is a turnkey project by GANDARIA-Silos Córdoba, designed according to their needs and those of the the integrator SADA.

Ramón counted on the support and advice of GANDARIA to make a tailor-made facility where the needs of SADA have also been taken into account.

Ramón Abril and his wife Isabel wanted to develop a new poultry project. They already experienced the poultry facilities managed by Isabel’s father, but they wanted to start up their own facility. For this reason, Ramón counted on the support and advice of GANDARIA to create a tailor-made facility where the needs of SADA have also been taken into account.

“Now we have a livestock facility made to measure thanks to GANDARIA. The new facility includes the latest technology and has been designed for us: we are very happy with this change “

A model poultry facility

The new facility dimensions are 120 meters by 15.5 and it is equipped with the latest technology in poultry production. The livestock structure has been made of 2.72 metres pillars (according to customer demand) with a 17% slope.

The technical room is 5 × 4 meters. Usually, the technical room is installed at the front of the facility, but due to the special conditions of the terrain chosen for this installation, it had to be incorporated on one side.

In our visit, we also found a changing room area divided into “clean vs. dirty area” to guarantee the biosecurity of the exploitation.

Perfect insulation of the facility

A 20mm sandwich panel has been installed on the deck to be used as an exterior insulator, and a 3cm Pur-al false ceiling has been mounted internally.

Studies on the insulation coefficient have been carried out in order to choose the appropriate thickness for the environmental requirements. All this, together with the intermediate air chamber, provides perfect insulation.

The side walls are also made of 40mm sandwich with 0.5-04 plate. It is important to note some important things that are not visible, such as the finishing details: all joints are sealed with polyurethane and sanitary profiles, which makes cleaning tasks easier and prevents the accumulation of dirt while providing the necessary sealing for correct ventilation.

At each end of the facility we find gates made of PVC frames and sandwich panels to avoid thermal bridges. These gates are also isolated from the animal beds by means of a removable PVC separation that avoids contact of the litter with the door, thus preventing corrosion and extending the useful life of the gate.

The feeding system, details that make a difference

The feeding system has been designed by GANDARIA to cover all needs in a functional and durable way. Three 15 tons’ silos have been installed, with a total capacity of 45 tons, at the farm entrance.

A 90 mm feed conveyor has been installed to feed the hoppers, featuring special droppers, a small detail that GANDARIA takes into account to favour its customers.

These special droppers in the feed conveyor, through a longitudinal groove, prevent feed passing from one side to another and keep the system from working in a vacuum.

Training for the correct use of the feeding system is also offered by the installation company, so that the producer obtains the maximum yields by using the materials correctly.

GAN14 feeder lines

Likewise, 4 lines of GAN14 feeders have been installed at 75 cm to cover any high density need. The GAN 14 is characterised for being a chicken feeder of great resistance that allows easy access to food throughout the cycle. It is a dish designed with flexible fins and anti-waste edge, which prevent the fall of feed to the bed. In addition, it is easy to clean and disinfect during the sanitation process. The plate has a height of 5cm that facilitates day-old chicks to access the feed.

Feeder lines are fed by plastic hoppers. Hoppers are one piece, with rounded edges to prevent the accumulation of feed and favour cleaning and disinfection. For the filling control, it has an external weighing system, thus avoiding the contact of feed with the capacitive detectors that can produce a malfunction. The feeding tube is the thickest in the market: 1,5 mm, adopted by GANDARIA based on its experience. This, together with the joints that are made exclusively by a 1.8 mm and 20 cm long sash, reinforces the unions, conferring more rigidity to the system.

Drinking system

The drinking troughs have super-multidirectional, high flow, stainless steel nipples. This system allows the chicken to drink wherever they are, always having a large amount of water, thus favouring the conversion rate.

An acid and chlorine pump has also been installed in the water circuit, plus a drug mixer for the treatment of drinking water.

Environmental control of the installation, a customised system

This new facility is located in Badajoz and therefore, GANDARIA has designed and installed the necessary materials to obtain the perfect environmental conditions of the chicken according to the characteristics of the geographical area.

The facility features combi tunnel ventilation. This ventilation system has been chosen due to the characteristics of the area and the experience of the installation company itself. When chickens are small, it works in transverse ventilation using 8 fans of 22,000 m3/h, and if the temperature requires it, the tunnel ventilation is activated in order to provide the adequate environment for the chicks to reach their maximum potential.

The 12 43,000 m3/h fans placed at one end of the facility ensure an adequate ventilation, especially in summer, since in this area of Extremadura the heat can be asphyxiating. The fans are made of a special sheet with zinc alloy, aluminium and magnesium that gives it 10 times more resistance to corrosion. The engines are IE 3 according to energy efficiency regulations.

The air intakes are established by 48 mailbox-type side windows. The number of windows has been established according to the installed flow. The tunnel windows are made of sandwich panel and are perfectly sealed to avoid air intakes when it is not in operation.

The environmental control is carried out by an automaton. The equipment includes, indoor and outdoor temperature probes, humidity probe, CO2 and ammonia probe, and a depressiometer to control the air inlets during ventilation.

Cooling is done by 2 lateral devices of 19.2 linear meters by 1.8m in height, calculated according to ventilation. 8 independent modules have been installed with 8 pumps, 4 on each side to minimize the risk that could be caused by an operational problem.

The heating is made by external devices that allow the uniform distribution of the hot air when necessary.

In Extremadura, you must have a cooling system, and since the distribution of water per module is more uniform, the air cooling is more effective. 

Electrical installation and box, top quality components

The electrical installation and the box is made of first quality components with the necessary elements, such as a phase controller so that nothing can “go backwards”. All GANDARIA’s control boxes have a synoptic to visualize the systems that are working or troubleshoot the location of failures. GANDARIA performs any type of electrical installation according to the customer’s needs, but in this case it is divided and piped to be able to clean without problems during the sanitary vacuum. The generator set has a safety system that restarts it in case of failure of the external network, thus preventing the animals from being affected by the incident.

A complete turnkey project, equipment and start-up

GANDARIA advises and manages the client’s project providing an excellent after-sales service in order to obtain efficient and profitable management of the livestock exploitation. They design and conceive all types of livestock facilities, offering a turnkey integral service. GANDARIA team carries out a personalised study in order to know their customer’s needs.

GANDARIA also supports the farmer on the start-up of the farm, by being available the day the chickens arrive or by training the farmer for the correct use of all the equipment. GANDARIA is a company of the Silos Córdoba Group, specialising in the installation and start-up of poultry projects.

Link: https://avicultura.info/una-granja-de-pollos-con-diseno-exclusivo-por-gandaria/

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