It’s the first company to be built in Rabanales 21

The Governing Council of Andalusian Goverment has approved the grant of two incentives of 1.29 and 1.32 million euros to the agribusiness company Silos Córdoba for the construction of an automated warehouse in the Technological and Scientific Park Rabanales 21 and its corresponding endowment of goods. With a total investment of 7,90 million euros, the initiative will create 15 direct, 22 indirect and 23 induced jobs and the maintenance of other 55, according to the Regional Administration.

Silos Córdoba, a referent in the Cordoba economy, announced an ambitious operation late April. They changed their plans to move to El Carpio. Due to the lack of space, a typical problem of a growing company, the company is moving to technology park Rabanales 21 – in Cordoba city – and not to El Carpio as planned. A new facility will also be built in El Carpio, but in a second phase.

General Manager Juan López Regalón informed two months ago that the company – with a turnover of 46 millions € in 2013 and a staff of over hundred workers – will undertake its new headquarters at Technopark Rabanales 21, with a seven million investment.

The new facility will include 10,000 meters of warehouse plus 1,100 for office building, and will be built on a 23,000 square meters plot, between the railroad AVE and the commuter train. The company expects the new plant to be operational in 2015.

The General Manager also explained that its new installations at Rabanales 21 will host the official headquarters, its strong R&D+I department (installed last year in this technology park) and the silos manufacturing plant.

Spur for Rabanales 21

López Regalón explained the change in his decision to maintain the headquarters in Cordoba city as “an issue of image”. He also highlighted the convenience for customers of being in a city connected by AVE and by train, the commuter train to the campus, “that leaves you next to the [future] office. All of that plus “R&D+I justifies to have the headquarters there”, he said.

Rabanales 21 President Francisco Gracia, said that this is a very important operation because “to anchor this company can act as tractor for the arrival of other companies of interest” to the Technology Park. We must remember that Rabanales 21 is immersed in a bankruptcy proceeding and needs to sell land. Silos Cordoba would be the first company to buy and build in Technopark.

Source: ABC

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