Fifty Andalusian companies, including Silos Córdoba, have participated in the Andalusia-Portugal Forum held in Lisbon last January 15, which had great support from the institutions.

Silos Córdoba’s global sales director, Pablo Fernández attended a radio interview after participating in the Forum where he confirmed that “a cooperation agenda had been closed for the coming years.”

Pablo Fernández highlighted that Portugal is “a commercial destination of vital importance because it is the fourth country in exports and the eighth in imports”. Hence, this Forum, which has been described as “greatly organized”, has served, in his opinion, “to continue growing in business relations and hence supporting Andalusian companies in their internationalization process.” In fact, that has been, he says, one of the pillars of Silos Córdoba’s success”, “the collaboration with foreign companies, promoting the idea of ​​innovation in internationalization”.

Source: Canal Sur Radio y TV

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