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Metal Cladding and Structures

Quinta Metalica is specialized in the supply and installation of all kind of metal claddings, specially zinc, copper, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium and lead. We offer the complete construction solution for each project and manage the whole process, from the base frame and structural support to the exterior cladding.

We also specialize in the engineering and metal transformation in different areas: personalized development of all kind of metal constructions, technical solutions and bolted finishings, agricultural and industrial  warehouses.

Metal Cladding

The company was born to provide a high quality service in the supply and installation of metal cladding, such as copper or zinc, which is unusual in Spain, although with increasing demand.

Due to this increase in demand, there is a shortage of skilled and well directed manpower, which sometimes leads to unsatisfactory results and the construction problems.

We solve this problem by combining a well-trained and efficient staff and a manufacturing plant equipped with means for any type of work with a professional management.

The Quinta Metálica®System

Our experience in Belgium and the UK has shown that, even when it is easier to send the metal coil and a team with hand tool to “do the work on the spot”, metallic coatings are better the more they are prefabricated in the manufacturing plant. In the workshop there are heavier machines, which fold, outline and cut better.

We always follow an installation process called the ‘Quinta Metálica ® System’, which is certified by the ISO 9001. This system employs traditional methods and techniques from Germany, Belgium and the UK, absolutely proven in these countries, but unique in Spain.

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