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Livestock Services

Gandaria specializes in the manufacturing and sale of products for all sorts of livestock facilities: pork, poultry, sheep, cattle, alternative livestock… In addition, we also plan and develop farm facilities and plants, offering a comprehensive service.

Our mission is to advise and manage our clients projects by providing a good after-sales service to make their investment in livestock production profitable.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer all the material and equipment needed for large-scale and free range pig farming, such as shelters, campsites, galvanised steel birthing structures, polypropylene-grated floors, feeding troughs or gestation booths.

Within the poultry industry, we develop fully equipped facilities with automatic feeding troughs and ventilation for poultry feeding or rearing in a controlled environment.

We also provide all material and service needed for the maintenance and improvement of your facilities: steel silos, design and assembly of facilities, equipment for animal upkeep and cleaning.

Facilities Design

Our team designs and engineers all types of livestock facilities, offering a fully integrated complete service. But in order to develop a thorough understanding of your needs, we first conduct a complete individualized study.

Facilities Equipment

  • We supply all the equipment you need for your facilities interior, installing temperature, ventilation or environmental control systems and all the equipment required for your livestock’s raising and upkeep.
  • We manufacture and install galvanised steel premises with corrugated roofs and interior PVC panels.
  • We also offer various anti-corrosion systems and finishes such as PVC fabric windows, aluminium or polyester.

Project Gallery

More than 40 years designing and installing livestock facilities. For more information and reference about the projects, visit our photo gallery

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