Silos Córdoba

Our History

Founded in 1975 by Juan López Liétor.

Silos Córdoba was founded by Juan López Liétor in 1975 aiming to fulfill the needs of the Spanish livestock market through feed and storage solutions.

Nowadays, Silos Córdoba is a world reference in grain storage and conditioning solutions, thus contributing to the economic growth in developing countries.

International Expansion

Over the past years, the company has experienced a steady international expansion and we now have local distributors in 37 countries around the world, affiliated companies in Argentina, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Romania, Uruguay, Mozambique, India and Nigeria; and we export our products to over 45 countries in 4 continents. View our global presence for more details.

Wider range of products and services

Today, we also offer a wider range of products and services worldwide:


Creation, planning, design and assembly of agribusiness and livestock facilities.
Silos manufacturing.
Manufacturing of grain conveying and handling systems.
Creation, planning, design and assembly of feed mills.
Manufacturing of metal structures and cladding.

Organization within Business Units

To better seize the infrastructures and experience of the group, we have organized the operations in specialized units:

Worldwide Reference

Silos Cordoba is a worldwide reference in grain storage and conditioning facilities.

Manufacturing facilities

10.000 m2 for the manufacture of silos
20.100 m2 for the production of bolted metal structures with the most up to date machinery for metal transformation
High tech laser and punching equipment to produce 200.000 tn/year
Offices: 1.300 m2 for engineering, administration, R+D+I, marketing and sales departments

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