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Luft kontrolle

The control of environmental conditions inside the livestock facilities is key to successful production.

A confortable environment for the animals is achieved by controlling the in-house climate and this concept encompasses factors such as temperature, humidity, air purity, gas concentration, etc.

We offer all the necessary equipment to obtain optimal conditions within the facilities or greenhouses:

“Ventigran” Ventilation-Extraction Equipment
  • Wall-mounted fans: Small and medium flow fans, high flow (with built-in shutter, net mesh).
  • Recirculating helicoidal fans.
“Wind” Heating
  • Infrared diesel Radiators
  • Gas Hot Air Generators
  • Diesel Hot air generators

“Gerpad” Evaporative panels

  • Cellulose panels
  • Treated chipboard

“Humer” Modular refrigeration

  • Compact cooling modules.
  • Humidification booths.
Climate control management

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