Our specialised assembly team, together with local workers, has just finalised a corn storage project in Angola that is designed to take advantage of the country’s natural resources and which is expected to be a source of local employment that will contribute to the development of the region and improve local quality of life.

The corn storage project, shared between Portugal and Angola, includes a facility located near the town of Malanje, whose implementation with cereals is planned for the beginning of the year.

The project has been prepared from its design, manufacturing, shipping and finally assembly phase by Silos Córdoba. This final assembly phase is a special challenge due to the difficulties of finding skilled labour and equipment locally. For this, we have moved the assembly team from the neighbouring country of Mozambique, as they already have the experience of many projects behind them and we have combined them with a less qualified local workforce.

The plant includes flat bottom silos, drying and cleaning equipment, handling equipment, catwalks and towers, including electrical installation and automation.

This project is designed to take advantage of the local natural resources (e.g. the dryer has a wood boiler) and is expected to be a source of local employment that contributes to the region’s development and improved quality of life.

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