Progress continues on the construction of a new storage facility in Algeria, our first project in the Sahara.

The desert does not seem seem initially to be the ideal place to develop agriculture, but it is exactly where such an activity is perhaps the most necessary. Food preferences in Sub-Saharan Africa have been shifting for decades from traditional staples such as coarse cereals to wheat and rice. Now, urbanization, a growing middle class and changing lifestyles, are driving a rapid rise in demand for wheat, but production in the region is below requirements and consuming countries rely on importing from foreign reserves.

Once completed, the storage plant will have a capacity of 79,134 m3 distributed in twelve 6,574 m3 flat bottom silos and two 123 m3 hopper silos.

The project also includes a ventilation system, thermometry, catwalks, supports, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, sweep augers and automation.

Loading will be done at 200T/h and unloading at 100 T/h.

Thanks Amine Ibri for the beautiful picture!

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