The installation of the storage facility in the new Carlsberg brewery in Myanmar will begin in May.

Carlsberg Group has signed a strategic partnership agreement with a local privately-owned leading beverage company, Myanmar Golden Star (MGS) Breweries, to brew and market Carlsberg beers in Myanmar. They new brewery is expected to have an annual capacity of 1 million hecto liters, with potential to expand in the future.

The new facility planned for storage of rice and malt will comprise 1 hopper silo 45º with a diameter of 4.58 m, 10 shells height and a capacity of 208 m3; and 2 hopper silos 45º with a diameter of 7.64 m, 15 shells height and a capacity of 876 m3. In addition, the silos are equipped with ventilation and thermometry system for maintaining stored grain quality.

Local company MGS is delighted to partner with a world’s leading brewery like Carlsberg. As an industry leader, Carlsberg is bringing in its expertise, innovation and international standards.

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