The capacity of the CAPA COLOGNA cooperative’s storage plant, designed for the reception, storage and dispatch of wheat, has been expanded to a total of 45,000 tons.

The CAPA COLOGNA Cooperative began its activity to respond to the agricultural producers’ need of a one-stop solution for the collection, drying, storage and marketing of their products in the area. Thanks to their continuous investment in innovative systems for product preservation throughout their 50-year history, they can guarantee the quality of their products and have one of the most important facilities in northern Italy. A facility that handles 4,800 tons of cereals per day and has a total storage capacity – in silos and warehouses – of 1.6 million tons.

The recently completed storage plant has 6 silos of 7,500 T capacity, each equipped with loading and unloading equipment, with a performance of 200 T/H.

The project also includes 7 truck load silos, catwalks and support structures, integrated dust extraction system, cleaning system made up of a drum sieve and sieve cleaning, and the latest technology in grain storage management to preserve the maximum quality throughout the process.

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