The construction of a new paddy rice storage facility in Thailand has begun. It will include 3 flat bottom silos and will have a total capacity of 19,000 tons.

Usually, paddy rice is harvested with a moisture content around 25% which is really high for storage conditions. If rice is harvested during raining season, it can raise up to 30-33% moisture content. It is very important to follow certain storage guidelines and have the appropriate equipment to ensure the quality of the final product.

The rice storage facility includes 3 flat bottom silos and, unlike the rice silos facility recently delivered in the province of Ubon Ratchathani, also in Thailand, this facility also includes vertical and spiral ladders to access both to the silo roof and catwalks, peripheral handrail on roof as a safety measure to prevent falls.

It also has ventilation vents specially designed for paddy rice, 2 roof extractors for each silo, ventilation conexión to the silo, specially designed sweeper augers for paddy rice unloading.

Both facilities also include an automatic temperature control system, maximum and minimum sensors and aeration system.


Rice Silos Thailand Rice Silos Thailand New Rice Storage Facility in Thailand New Rice Storage Facility in Thailand

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