We have started the assembly of a raw materials storage plant for the PROCAVI’s feed mill in Carmona (Seville, Spain).

It is a turnkey project, including:

Reception. The product is received in a 6×4 m spout hopper covered with a corrugated sheet metal warehouse and equipped with dust extraction.

Silos loading. Silos are filled with bucket elevators and chain conveyors, with a loading performance of 150 tn/h.

Storage in silos. Wheat, corn and sunflower is stored in 10 silos with a diameter of 10.70 m and 16 wall rings, and a capacity of about 7,000 tons; while soybean meal is stored in two silos with a diameter of 6.88 m, and a capacity of 439 m3.

Silos unloading. The unloading of the flour silos is carried out with a special extraction system for low-fluid materials by means of two parallel threads, connected to chain conveyors that convey the product inside the factory.

The 10,70 silos are unloaded by 50 tn/h chain conveyors that are connected to the factory by a bucket elevator, which will distribute the product to hoppers or directly inside the factory.

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