The grain terminal in Aktau port in Kazakhstan is already in operation, an ambitious port project for wheat storage designed entirely by Silos Córdoba.

Silos Córdoba has just finished the erection and commissioning of one of its more ambitious projects regarding government collaboration and turnkey projects.

The project is a Grain Terminal in Aktau port, Kazakhstan. The project is in its first phase (with the possibility to enlarge in the future), and it currently has 6 flat bottom silos with a capacity of 10.000 tons of wheat, which means a total storage capacity of 60.000 tons.

The whole Grain Terminal has been designed with the objective to handle a target capacity of one million tons per year, therefore it’s equipped with all necessary safety and anti-wear systems. The project includes:

  • Two independent train reception lines: pit intakes fully designed and manufactured by Silos Córdoba.
  • Two cleaning lines combining magnet separator and drum sieves.
  • Impurities disposal system able to collect all the impurities from the cleaning system and transfer them to a truck load silo.
  • Silo loading system with chain conveyors. Capacity of 500 t/h.
  • Silo unloading system with belt conveyors. Capacity of 500 t/h.
  • Two independent weighing systems: one for the grain reception (after cleaning), another for expedition (before loading vessels).
  • Ship loader with a capacity of 500 t/h. Ship loader mounted on rails.
  • Complete aspiration system for dust and fine particles installed on reception intake, cleaning system, elevators and loading conveyors. Due to the features of the Grain Terminal, these impurities are transferred back to the grain flow during the ship loading process.
  • Silos are designed according to the seismic zone, wind speed and snow load in the area. Also, they are equipped with:
    • Aeration system made by centrifugal fans, aeration grill with H type and exhaust fans.
    • Complete unloading silo system with central and lateral discharge hoppers, motorized and manual slide gates. To minimize operation failure, each silo outlet has a flow regulator able not only to supply 500 t/h capacity but also the ability to prevent blockage in the unloading conveyors.
    • Automatic control temperature system, which is integrated with the electrical panel, which enables automatic aeration.
    • Silos are designed to be fumigation compatible. This means all silo joints are sealed. Roof vent locks are also installed to be used when the fumigation process occurs.
  • 2 Elevator tower supports with step ladder to improve the maintenance. They have several maintenance platforms not only for the elevators but also for the weighing system inside, that is why both towers are covered, to protect the weighing system from the wind.
  • Catwalks, tower supports for catwalks.
  • Fire extinguishing.
  • Lightning protection system.
  • Electrical panel as well as cables and cable tray for the complete installation. This equipment allows for the full automatization of the grain terminal, that can be operated by only 6 people.

The project has been completely designed by Silos Córdoba, without third party companies involved, which spotlights the high engineering capabilities of the company. The installation of the project has been done by Silos Córdoba Kazakhstan.

Watch video of the grain terminal in Aktau Port:


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