We have begun the installation of a fully automated wood pellet storage plant without the need for a human operator, so that the truck drivers themselves will access and activate the process with their code or their card. As soon as the truck driver positions the truck, loading or unloading and the product storage or dispatch process will start automatically.

It is a turnkey project, including:

  • Weighing system. The product flow begins with the initial weighing on a weighbridge, after which the truck will be positioned in the pit hopper.
  • Filling of the main silo. A sensors system will detect the presence of the truck and automatically activate the filling process of the main silo.
  • Storage in hopper silo. Once the product has been unloaded into the hopper, it will be stored in a hopper silo with a 45º cone, model 09.17/08, with a capacity of 764 m3. Due to the fragility of the product, the silos have a filling system using internal slides, which allows the product to settle gradually while preventing the free fall from the silo inlet.
  • Handling equipment:
    • The filling of the main storage silo will be carried out at a rate of 40 tn/h.
    • The storage silo will be unloaded by a chain conveyor at 60 tn/h, then filling a truck load silo, model 3.82/3 with a 60º cone and a capacity of 52 m3l.


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