Construction of the building that will house the manufacturing plant for silos and other grain storage systemsas well as the offices inside the industrial unit that will house the departments most closely linked to the manufacturing process, is almost completed.

The supporting structure of the industrial unit is a system of metal frames with a two-sided roof made of sandwich panel and polycarbonate skylights. The enclosure consists of prefabricated concrete panels. The facilities run through pipes buried in the floor of the industrial unit, as well as cable trays on the enclosure.

They have already begun to assemble some of the machines of the manufacturing process, such as the intelligent warehouse and the machinery for the production of ferrules and ceilings.

Regarding the main office building, all the supporting structure made by pillars and girders has been already assembled. We can already see the conical cylindrical silo shape. The floors are concrete honeycomb sheets. The main enclosure consists of a panel made in situ with the same materials used in the manufacture of silos.

Architects Lola Moral Mata and Miguel Velasco Serrano

Silos Cordoba New Manufacturing plant

Aerial View

Silos Cordoba New headquarters

Main office building

Silos Cordoba manufacturing plant

Manufacturing plant interior view
Silos industrial unit

Manufacturing plant interior view

Silos manufacturing plant

Manufacturing plant interior view

Silos Cordoba officesMain office building

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