The assembly of the first phase of the grain storage facility at Bandar Imam Khomeini port in Iran has been completed. It is an ambitious port project for the storage of oilseeds and wheat designed entirely by Silos Córdoba.

This first phase of the Project has 24 flat bottom silos of 7,500 tons of wheat each and a total storage capacity of 180,000 tons. Once completed, the facility will have a total capacity of 360.000 tons, constituting the largest grain storage facility in the Iranian port and one of the largest metal silos facilities in the world. Bandar Imam Khomeini port is the biggest port for handling bulk cargo in Iran and is located at the terminus of the Trans-Iranian Railway linking the Persian Gulf with Tehran and on to the Caspian Sea.

The facility is designed with a dual functionality. On the one hand obtaining vegetable oils from oilseeds, and on the other hand, the storage of wheat. Therefore, this plant has all the necessary systems for the storage of these products in optimal conditions. The project includes:

  • Four pit intakes for truck reception, which in turn are grouped into two separate lines for loading silos, with a capacity of 600 t/h each.
  • The pit intakes are equipped with a dust extraction system through ducts and baghouses.
  • Silo loading system with chain conveyors. Capacity of 600 t/h.
  • Silo unloading system with chain conveyors. Capacity of 400 t/h.
  • Grain transfer system to the oil extraction plant by belt conveyors, 400 t/h.
  • Weighing system for grain reception with 4 weighbridges.
  • Three truck load silos with a capacity of 80 tons each.
  • The silos are made of galvanized steel sheet Z-600 to withstand a corrosive maritime atmosphere. The ceilings are made of white galvanized pre-painted steel, which gives them a special resistance. In addition, the silos are equipped with:
    • Aeration systems made by centrifugal fans, aeration grill with H type and exhaust fans.
    • Complete unloading silo system with central and lateral discharge hoppers, motorized and manual slide gates.
    • Automatic control temperature system integrated with the electrical panel, which enables automatic ventilation.
  • A central tower to support and group loading and unloading elevators. The tower is equipped with a step ladder to facilitate movement up and down. It also has several platforms for the maintenance of the elements.
  • Wide and highly resistant catwalks, with modular design and bolted joints.
  • Electrical panel as well as cables and cable tray for the complete installation. This equipment allows for the full automatization of the grain terminal, that can be operated with very few workers.

The entire project has been designed by Silos Córdoba, which has also offered a monitoring service on-site.

The NAVEED KHALEEJ FARS (NKF) grain storage facility will have a strategic character of great importance due to both, its high grain conveying capacity (1,200 t/h) and its complete and up to date equipment.

The photos illustrate the progress of works and the video shows how the grain storage facility will look upon completion: Watch video


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