We keep on delivering turnkey projects from Gandaria: 2 new broiler houses in La Solana, Spain are up and running. Both broiler houses have the same features but different dimensions and ownership. One of them, located in the road of Villanueva de los Infantes, is 116 meters long and 15 meters wide; the other one, in the road to Valdepeñas, is 136 x 15 meters.

They are both equiped with cross ventilation and cooling by high pressure fog system, two silos of about 18 t and a conveyor of diameter 90 with special falls that do not allow the passage of feed to a hopper if the previous one has not been filled. To complete the food system, they feature 4 lines of GAN 14 feeders. Apart from our special dish with proven results, it is noteworthy that we have installed 1.5 mm. tube and 1.8 splicing sash, to make it more rigid and avoid friction that occur when the assembly is used with flared. Drinkers are 5 lines of high flow stainless nipples.

Broiler house Spain

As for ventilation, high flow fans have been installed with individual insulated gate combined with other fans 19,000 m3 featuring letterbox windows with polyurethane interior. Regarding the heating, we have installed exterior propane generators. The lighting uses LED lights, achieving a uniformity of 97% and a consumption of just 1 kw/hour, are adjustable from 0 to 100% according to need and required management.

A Copilot computer is integrated in the electrical panel, which is made with premium components and provides an overview to display the operation of all equipment. The computer displays the operation from a remote device and permits to change settings if necessary. It also features an alarm for any incident that may occur. The alarm can make a call in case of incident, while the farmer can also call to check the correct operation of the farm.

It offers a complete panel of medication and water treatment and all necessary auxiliaries for proper operation.

During breeding period, from entrance to withdrawal, we have been caring for the proper functioning advising farmers, with regular visits and remote monitoring of the farm.

With this service and the dedication of the owners, we have achieved awesome results that predict a profitable operation and amortization within a reasonable time.

Interior nave de pollos


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