We have recently built a poultry farm for “SAT Larrode Poultry” equipped with the latest technology, including Smartphones to remotely control the operation and change parameter values if necessary.

Gandaria, Silos Córdoba’s livestock division, has recently built a poultry farm for Larrode SAT Poultry, located in Tauste province of Zaragoza. It is a closed turnkey facility with tunnel ventilation, 140 + 5 meters (Double technical room), 15 meters wide.

The structure is made of IPE-220 frames painted with chlorine rubber. The bands are galvanized with a 2 mm coating.

The roof is made of sandwich panel 30 mm thick, the false ceiling is made of Pur-al 40mm and the enclosure is made of sandwich panel 50mm.

All joints are sealed with polyurethane, silicone and sanitary sealant, which gives the necessary seal for perfect ventilation.

Moreover, the air inlets are made of polyurethane with rubber seals on the closures (TPI). The tunnel entrance is made of sandwich panel, also conveniently secured with watertight seal.

The poultry farm is also equipped with:

  • 3 silos of 19 tons each.
  • A 90 diameter conveyor with special drops.
  • 4 lines of GAN 14 feeders.
  • 5 lines of Gandaria drinkers, with stainless steel nipples, which are multidirectional and provide a high flow rate.
  • Climate control: 12 fans 43,000 M3/h, 2 fans 19,000 m3/h (Minimum), 8 cooling modules with independent pumps, 4 propane generators.
  • Medical Kit.
  • LED lighting adjustable from 0 to 100%.
  • All of this is regulated by Copilot control which is integrated within the electrical panel.

It also includes a telephone alarm and 2 Smartphones so that the Larrode brothers can control the performance of their farm and change parameter values if necessary.

We are currently finishing the set up of another poultry farm in Acehuche (Caceres, Spain), 4 in Panama, 2 in Costa Rica. Also, we are about to start building 3 more farms in several Spanish cities: Toledo Valencia, Lugo and Seville.

View photos of the opening of the chicken farm in Tauste, Zaragoza (Spain).

Poultry farm Spain

Poultry farm

poultry farm electrical panel

poultry farm silos

poultry farm

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