Gandaria Livestock Services has inaugurated a new highly energy-efficient closed facility in Abejar, Spain, with capacity for 36,000 chickens.

The facility is 130 x 16 m, including two technical rooms and a porch. The structure is made of IPE frames with a two-way roof, braced with C type galvanised straps. This structure is covered by a 30 mm sandwich panel and a 40 mm false ceiling. In the lateral walls and gables there is a 50 mm sandwich panel.


  • Tunnel ventilation and heat exchangers maintain a minimum temperature.
  • 4 feeder lines, model Gan 14 (a very small feeder that facilitates the task to baby chicks and is easy to handle due to its opening and closing accessories). Each line has an individual electric motor for automated elevation.
  • 5 lines of multidirectional, high flow, stainless steel nipples with automated elevation system.
  • Tunnel ventilation with 43,000 and 22,000 m3 fans, along with 6,500 m3 aluminium core heat exchangers to assist on the start-up. The facility has 16 high flow fans, boxed windows with internal insulation and a tunnel gate made with the sandwich panel of the side facades. The fans feature doors built with sandwich panels and aluminium for the hermetic closing of the installation.
  • Cooling by Gandaria’s evaporative cooling panels
  • Medication dispenser with acid pump.
  • Lighting with LED lamps provides a correct luminosity and uniformity of the facility, reaching up to 80%, which gives a great saving in the lighting bill.
  • The facility is equipped with an alarm including a SIM card that warns of any pre-configured anomaly of the ventilation, electricity and power systems.
  • The heating system includes three 80 kw propane gas appliances.
  • Latest generation computer system to manage the facility, enabling remote control via the Internet.


The facility is located in one of the coldest areas of the Iberian peninsula. That is why Gandaria has provided more insulation and installed high efficiency aluminium heat exchangers. The performance of these equipment is much higher due to the thermal shock this material provides, in an area where temperatures fall below 0 or even -10ºC for at least 6 months a year.

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