We have recently developed a video tutorial and a new manual that is meant to help assemblers in the farm silo assembly process.

This video is for guidance only. Each model has its assembly manual.

Putting a farm silo all together might not be an easy task, especially if the person in charge is not well experienced. There are certain tips and tricks that definitely will help in this process.

The video was shot during a silo assembly carried out by 2 of our most experienced assemblers. The document shows a silo model 255-3 assembly, although it can be used for all our farm silos. The goal of the video is to share the knowledge, techniques and procedures of this group of operators in order to make the assembly process easier and more time efficient to our customers that might not be so familiarized with our farm silo.

In addition to this video, a new fully detailed assemblers manual was developed by Silos Cordoba Engineers.

These actions are part of  Silos Cordoba strategy to improve our service and add value to our products.

Should you require the full video (25 minutes), please contact us here

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