During three decades, Gandaria has contributed, not only to increasing the productive capacity of the area, but to improving animal welfare and making poultry farms more sustainable.

El Viso, a municipality in the land of the Protected Designation of Origin of the Iberian ham “Los Pedroches”, has been developing poultry activities that have attracted the interest of young people, men and women, for three decades. The poultry activities include chicken production as well as turkey farming and organic eggs.

The first chicken farms in El Viso come from 1992, at the initiative of two friends. The first chickens arrived shortly before those of José Belmonte, who currently has facilities for 150,000 chickens.

According to José Belmonte, a client of Gandaria for 27 years, “The first facilities proved that it was a good activity to settle the population, an activity that a family could live on.  Hence, there has been a boom, young people, men and women, interested not only in the chicken production, but also in turkey production and organic eggs”.

His aim was to find a way of self-employment, because there is no employment in the area and the other option was to emigrate.

Today, José Belmonte is the owner of a fully automated operation, with exquisite care for animal welfare and with “very scarce human intervention”.

In addition to improving animal welfare, during three 3 decades farms have also been adapted to be more sustainable. The latest technology incorporated, such as the heat exchangers, the feed, water and lighting management systems enable a greater energy efficiency.

At present, Gandaria has 10 poultry farms installed in the area, 4 of them recently inaugurated.

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