A total of thirteen students from the Polytechnic and Etsiam enrolled in the first year of this training course.

The new Silos Córdoba facilities, located at the Science and Technology Park of Cordoba, has hosted the graduation ceremony of the first year course “Introduction to Lean Management”. This University course has been provided to a total of thirteen students. With this event, the University of Córdoba (UCO) continues to strengthen the innovative collaborations between Companies and Universities.

This course, which is part of the University of Cordoba’s plan to approach the business sector, aimes to train students with basic skills so they can participate in the implementation of a lean process, or work in companies that already have some level of implementation of this methodology.


The event was attended by the Vice-Director of the University of Córdoba, Julieta Mérida; Silos Córdoba’s CEO, Juan López Regalón; the Director of Organization and Development of Silos Córdoba and an expert teacher of the course, José Cabrera Cuevas, and the Director of the School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry (Etsiam) of the UCO, Rosa María Gallardo.

The Vice-Director, Julieta Merida, said that “this course is an example of successful collaboration between the Academic world and Industry and is part of the commitment of the UCO with the develpment of the economic sector.”

Merida also thanked Silos Córdoba for its involvement with the city and with “our University through the development of shared projects like this course.” A collaboration that was recognized by the St. Tomas Aquina’s Award from the UCO earlier this year.

“The initiative comes from the firm belief of the management team of the UCO to unite business and university. To give an aswer to the question what does the company need from an alumni”, said José Cabrera, adding that the “Cordovan company needs to know and implement management methodologies related to Lean to improve their productivity”.

After the diploma presentation to the students, they were offered a guided tour of the new Silos Córdoba facilities. They all were impressed by the network of gardens, rest areas, car parks and bike lanes that link the 10,000 m2 manufacturing area with the 1,400 m2 office area.


The event was celebrated with drinks being served in a fun and relaxing environment that allowed for conversations between all attendees.


The profile of the alumni in this course is a masters student or someone finishing a degree of Etsiam or the Polytechnic School.

The Lean Management System, compared with the system of economies of scale, enables the ability to organize and manage product development, services, operations, suppliers and relationships with customers, so that they require less effort, space, capital equipment and time to make products or services with fewer errors and problems and also adhering to customer needs.


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